Meet the crew: Kathrine



Kathrine Noes Sørenson, 33

Kathrine has been sailing with the Sea Stallion for the last four summers. One of the reasons she keeps coming back is because all the memories of Denmark’s beautiful coastlines in the summer help keep her warm during the long winter months. She’s well nown for her distinctive laugh that is postively addictive and can often be heard on the ship.

Kathrine’s interest in history is not just a hobby, she works as an education officer with the Western Sjælland Museum. While sailing she can usually be found in the midship looking after the food provisions, ensuring no one will go hungry.


Kathrine and Thilde practicing thier knots or ‘knobs’ in Danish

What is your favourite task in the midship? I like looking after the mid sheet rope, which involves working with other crew members, mostly through eye contact, to optimise the the use of the sail.

What are some of the aspect you like about sailing with the Sea Stallion? I love the social aspect, there is a unique sense of communication on the ship, and how we all work in unison to sail this beautiful boat. Here, it seems your background is of no importance, and when we reach land after a long day, I like nothing more than relaxing, laughing and enjoying  everyone’s company.


Kathrine watching Michael build a bonfire during the sunset on the beach at Rønæs

Is there an experience that stands out for you from this summer’s voyage? Yes, it would have to have been our overnight stay at the small harbour of Røsnæs. There, for just one short overnight stay, our crew of sixty-five created a little community at this empty harbour. We brought a small civilisation alive where there was none and the locals made us feel so welcome.


Sunset at Rønæs

It can’t all be “plain sailing”, what are the things that you find challenging with a boat like the Sea Stallion? Sailing is not something that comes intuitively with me, I can see it in others but I have different strengths; I’ve had to work hard to read the wind and pick up the various sailing techniques. I do enjoy living it rough though you also get to live out your tomboy persona. It makes a nice change from my daily life where I need to be really organised. Here, I’m able to switch off and adopt a far more relaxed approach while still using some of my working life skills.

Has your view of the Vikings been altered by your experiences? As a historian, this experience has brought history alive for me; I have so much more respect for the Vikings and can now appreciate just how challenging their lives were and how clever they were in being able to overcome so many difficulties.







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