Meet the Crew: Frederikke


Outside the Black House at Sejerø

Frederikke Mundus, 23

With a name like ‘Mundus’ which translates as ‘world’ in latin, at such a young age, Frederikke has indeed got the world at her finger tips. Originally from Karise south of Copenhagen, she now studies History and Danish language at Roskilde University, spending her summer months working as a tour guide with the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde and sailing with the Sea Stallion. This is her second year sailing with the ship.

How did you get involved with the Sea Stallion? “I was working at the museum and bumped into Søren the Skipper from the boat. We chatted for a while and then he suggested I join the boat guild and come sailing with them. He said he could use someone like me on the boat, I thought he was joking!”


Lending a helping hand, Frederikke has an impressive collection of vintage woolen Scandinavian sweaters

Have you sailed before? “Yes, but only with small  skifs or ‘jolles‘in Danish, they’re 5 meters long and can carry up to 6 people. I also enjoy other water sports like kayaking and canoeing”.

What was the initial attraction to sail with the Sea Stallion? “Initially it was to experience sailing a great Viking war ship, with my interest in history and sailing it seemed like a perfect opportunity. However, what brought me back this year were the people. Through the Sea Stallion I’ve been introduced to a lot of people I wouldn’t normally meet in my everyday life. We’re like a big family; all different ages with different interests and yet we all take great care of each other. You form close bonds with people even after just one week of sailing. This is undoubtedly one of the strongest aspects of sailing with the Sea Stallion; there’s room for EVERYONE”.


Christine, Frederikke and myself perched on the side of the ship

Are there any experiences that stand out for you from this year’s voyage? “The night sail, I wanted to be woken up to see the sunrise. I love those quiet times before dawn when most people are sleeping and you just sit a listen to the sounds of this huge wooden ship and its mast creaking and flexing, the sound of the sail billowing in the wind and of the rolling waves against the boat”.


Lunctime or ‘frukost’, Andreas and Frederikke prepare open sandwiches for the mid ship crew in sweltering heat.

What are some of the challenges you encounter while sailing? ” Sometimes it’s hard to keep positive and in good humour, especially when you’re over tired. This type of sailing is  definitely not for those who may suffer from “people sickness”. But, still there’s always someone there to encourage you. There’s a Jutland expression:

‘Et slap på skulderen’.

Which is a very Jutland thing, to quietly pat someone on the shoulder for encouragement, without saying anything.

For the duration of the sail you seem to forget about your life back home, you’re cut off from the world. The ship is your world. Sometimes it’s difficult to show your true self when you are surrounded by so many, and without your possessions or nice clothes, however, this aspect helps to make us all feel equal”.


Frederikke braiding my hair on last year’s voyage

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