Meet the Crew: Annibeth Sigga


Annibeth Sigga Noron Strømsten, 53

Annibeth was born on the Faroe Islands, she has been living in Denmark most of her life. This is her first time sailing with the Sea Stallion. However, she has sailed before where she took part in a lady’s sailing race in Jyllinge, north of Roskilde. Her interests include history and sailing and enjoys the social aspect of sailing with so many people in such a tight space.

Any challenges? “Surprisingly, having to stick to the routine of 3 square meals a day. I am used to preparing food for myself whenever I’m hungry.”


Highlights of this trip? “Two, swimming from the boat to the coast near the Storstrømsbruen, and our night sail under Storebæltsbruen. I also enjoyed our short stop at Helsingborg, Sweden. It was nice to hear the language; I lived in Sweden for 7 years. This year I sailed for the entire three weeks, next year I’d like to divide my vacation between sailing with the Sea Stallion and visiting the Faroe Islands.”

What are the differences between sailing on a modern sail boat and a Viking reconstruction? “Even modern sail boats are more luxurious with all the modern conveniences I enjoy both types of sailing.”


A refreshing dip after rowing in sweltering heat next to Storstrømbruen (the ‘Large Stream Bridge’) in Southern Sjealland.







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