Katherine and Michael building a fire on the beach at Røsnæs Harbour.

When you ask what “hyggelit” means you receive a long explanation of a feeling that you get when you’re sitting at a fire or by candle light and the conversation is flowing between you and your friends. The atmosphere is intimate, relaxed and ensures you go to sleep with a warm feeling inside and out. I’m not saying only the Danes can do this, of course we all experience “hyggelit”. The interesting thing is that the Danish recognised that the feeling deserved a name, and when you create a name for something, provide a description, it makes it easier to replicate it, and so that good feeling you get will return again and again.

Last night in Røsenæs, we lit a bonfire and watched the sun set and sang many Irish and Danish songs about the sea, about unrequited love and politics. It was such a pleasure to share and compare our cultures and the old stories of our countries’ people. The ones who lived off the land and sea, not in overcorwded cities with no space to breathe or to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.


Some of the Sea Stallion crew enjoying the flames of a beach bonfire.



Michael and Jophiel



Children fishing at sunset in Røsnæs Harbour.



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