A walk in the wilderness at Røsnæs Fyr


Røsnæs Peninsula with Røsnæs Fyr or ‘light house’ in the distance.



Purple and white wild clover in a wild flower meadow on one of Røsnæs’ rolling hills

Friday 22nd July, 2016
Rønæs is a narrow peninsula in north-western Sjælland, situated between Kalunborg Fjord and Sejerøbugten (Sejerø Bay).  It has been a strategic point for centuries and is thought to have been used by the Vikings to hide fleets of Viking Ships. It has a beautiful light house with  incredible views across the sea. Yesterday evening we went for a magical evening stroll through a nature reserve which has taken great care to let the native species of wild flowers to thrive in it’s meadows. The land is too poor to sew crops so it has been used as pasture land for the last sixty years or so, in this time no chemicals have been spread and great consideration has been taken to select which animals they let graze there. The result of which is the most beautiful array of wild flowers- wild clover, cow parsley, sea kale and many more colourful flora dance in the fields which gently undulate far into the horizon.

Field Cow-Wheat Flowers

The country of Denmark is the most intensively farmed in Europe, so many Danes feel that there is not enough land to let plants grow wild and nature take over. But in the past, the wild forests yielded many edible and wholesome plants, the wild boars that foraged there provided nutritious meat and by eating a defecting in the woods thus enabled many plants to spread their seeds throughout the forest.

Einar comes from Norway and has been living in Denmark for the last thirty years. He is famous on the boat for his interesting blend of Danish and Norwegian when he speaks, both Einar, his wife Karen and 3 of their 4 daughters have sailed with the Sea Stallion.


Einar and his wife Karen at the fyr or light house at Rønæs, only 11 people were allowed up at one time and after climbing several flights of a spiral staircase, they had to squeeze through a small opening before reaching the top.

Another Danish fascination I have come across is their love of wild flowers and plants, which comes hand in hand with spending quality time in nature. They carefully research which plants they can eat and many enjoy the challenge of foraging and creating delicious recipes with these plants. Many of the men I have sailed with pull out books on wild flowers and study the plants, looking carefully at their flowers, leaves and root systems. This is a besutiful past-time and shows a certain sense of harmony and appreciation with the natural world. The Danes spend so much time indoors in the winter, many are practically feral in the summer, enjoy as many outdoor activities as they can. Whilst also making the most of the long evenings and stunning sunsets and sunrises.

Some of the Sea Stallion crew head off with a guide for a tour of the flora and history of the Røsnæs penningsula.


Sunset at Røsnæs


Me, enjoying the sunset and looking out for porpoise or marsvin, which literally means ‘sea pigs’ in Danish

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